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Vietnam blocked Facebook during Obama’s visit

Vietnam cut connection to social network Facebook during the recent visit of U.S. President Obama, according to digital rights activists. The group has collected evidence that the website was completely blocked in the Southeast Asian country over the course of the weekend while the U.S. leader was on its soil. This total closure compares to… Read More

U.S. government to invest over $160mn in IoT Smart Cities initiative

The White House has announced its commitment to emerging tech investment with a new ‘Smart Cities’ internet of things (IoT) initiative, into which it will channel over $160mn (approx. £104mn). The funding will be distributed across 25 projects that will leverage Big Data and analytics to support communities to reduce traffic congestion, fight crime, spur… Read More

Apple, Microsoft and Google back White House pledge to fight climate change

America’s leading tech firms, Apple, Microsoft and Google, are among 13 U.S. private sector companies to back Obama’s $140bn climate change pledge. The newly launched American Business Act on Climate Pledge features as part of the Obama administration’s push to involve private sector firms in fighting climate change. Alongside Google, Microsoft and Apple, the 10 additional… Read More

China’s latest draft anti-terrorism legislation set to radically alter east/west tech economy

China’s latest draft of a controversial new anti-terrorism bill threatens to further deepen the widening rift of mistrust that has been developing lately between China’s technical manufacturing sectors and those of the west. The new iteration of last November’s proposed law – the first anti-terrorism legislation in the world’s second-largest economy – stipulates that non-Chinese… Read More

Cameron and Obama arrange US/UK cyber-attack war games, mount pressure against encryption

Britain and the United States will cooperate in a series of ‘war games’ intended to simulate cyber-attacks on major institutions and companies in both countries. Prime minister David Cameron is currently on an official visit to Washington for formal discussions with president Barack Obama regarding the future of cyber-security for both nations. Speaking from Washington… Read More