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Son of Emmental: TROJ_WERDLOD banking Trojan wild in Japan

A variant of the banking malware set-up used in Operation Emmental in December 2014 is reported to be making deeper inroads into the Japanese banking networks than its predecessor, with 400 known victims to date. Named TROJ_WERDLOD by researchers at TrendMicro, the new strain has altered two of its core characteristics, which permit it to attempt… Read More

Point-and-click bank account hacking with KL-Remote

Researchers at IBM Security Trusteer have uncovered one of the most user-friendly online bank hacking tools to date. KL-Remote uses a Remote Overlay attack to parallel and screen-share the activity of a victim who is using online banking. Gone the grungy command line interfaces which Hollywood adopted after it realised that real hacking tools tend to… Read More

Thomas Kok, DBS Bank: Singapore infrastructure not yet steeled for natural or terrorist disasters

Thomas Kok is Head of Group Business Continuity Management at DBS Bank, Singapore. He spoke at Cloud Expo Asia as a Member of the CSA CISO Round-Table, and is an experienced financial industry professional in Technology Risk Management and Business Continuity Management. What are the particular challenges of business continuity in the context of Singapore’s… Read More

UK online banking fraud jumps by 71% in 2014 despite improved security

Online banking losses through fraud have rocketed 71% in the first half of 2014, reaching a total of £29mn, according to recent figures released by Financial Fraud Action UK [PDF]. The group however urged that the statistics are considered within the context of a booming e-commerce market, which has risen to approximately £47bn in the same… Read More

Asia’s banks should learn to learn to love the cloud as a key enabler

Cloud is a capability that banks will have to master in order to build an agility advantage according to one of Asia’s leading analysts. Writing in his blog, Frederic Giron, a vice president and principal analyst with Forrester in Singapore (pictured), describes some case studies of financial services companies. He said: “Cloud is a key… Read More