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EU report raises FinTech, blockchain concerns

A joint committee for the EU has released a report on Risks and Vulnerabilities in the EU Financial System, in which cybersecurity, including the rising use of blockchain technology, is marked as a major concern for the financial sector. One of the problems facing financial institutions is the increase in the adoption of mobile technology and the… Read More

BankBot malware targets hundreds of Google Play apps

The BankBot trojan, used to access banking and financial information, has been discovered to target hundreds of apps in the Google Play store. Security researcher Niels Croese, when studying the code for the BankBot malware, uncovered a list of apps targeted by hackers and found that more than 400 Google Play apps were included. The malware was… Read More

Lloyds to ‘offshore’ 2,000 jobs in IBM data centre outsourcing deal

Lloyds Banking Group plans to move almost 2,000 members of staff to U.S. tech giant IBM as part of a £1.3 billion IT outsourcing deal. The seven-year deal hopes to save the bank close to £760 million in costs, streamline the business and make its IT services more agile. Lloyds Trade Union (LTU), which represents… Read More

TrueLayer banking API launches private beta

TrueLayer, a new cloud-based platform created to connect fintech developers with bank data, has launched private beta following a 1.3 million GBP funding round. TrueLayer is a platform created for the development of financial apps, giving developers real-time access to structured customer data. It provides developers with tools to create fintech by connecting them to… Read More

Cardless ATMs use smartphones to access cash

JP Morgan Chase, along with Bank of America, have started pilot programs to roll out cardless ATM machines in the U.S. In select cities, customers may perform ATM transactions including checking balances, transferring funds, and deposit and withdrawal of cash using a smartphone in place of an ATM card. Currently, only 2.5% of ATM machines… Read More