Latest Baidu publications

China cloud market records 67% jump in Q1 spending

New figures show spending on cloud infrastructure in China grew by 67 percent in Q1. IT analyst firm Canalys posted the country's latest cloud sums last week, after a quarter... Read More

Baidu brings its cloud services to Singapore

Chinese search giant Baidu has launched its cloud services in Singapore, as the company attempts to catch up with Chinese rivals Alibaba and Tencent by offering cloud services in the... Read More

Microsoft Azure to power Baidu driverless innovation

Microsoft Azure has announced that it will provide the cloud services behind Chinese internet giant Baidu’s self-driving car efforts. The collaboration will see Microsoft’s cloud computing platform used in driverless... Read More

Baidu replacing QWERTY, defaults to voice-centric keyboard

A new third-party keyboard app from Chinese web services Baidu is taking the spotlight away from QWERTY with a voice-focused interface. Users of the free Android TalkType app are welcomed... Read More

Baidu and Nvidia claim AI system that can imitate your voice

Chinese internet giant Baidu has developed an artificial intelligence system which it claims, can successfully imitate a human voice after listening to a person speak for only thirty minutes. At... Read More

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