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Microsoft and Amazon to help NHS allocate hospital resources effectively

The UK National Health Service has enlisted the services of some of the world’s largest tech firms to help it thwart the coronavirus outbreak.

First reported by BBC, the NHS has joined forces with Microsoft, Google, Faculty AI and Palantir to create data dashboards that use AI to display up to date information about Covid-19 transmission.

Microsoft sees 775 percent surge in cloud demand in regions enforcing social distancing

Microsoft has revealed the extent to which remote workers and other organisations are relying on Azure services to sustain operations throughout the coronavirus pandemic.

In the company’s latest cloud services continuity update, posted over the weekend, Microsoft said it has seen a 775 percent increase in cloud usage in regions that have enforced social distancing.

Microsoft Azure to prioritise emergency workers and critical government infrastructure

Microsoft has said its cloud platform Azure will begin prioritising emergency personnel and organisations working on the frontline of coronavirus efforts.

In a blog post, the tech giant said first responders, health and emergency management services, and critical government functions would be prioritised if its cloud infrastructure encountered capacity constraints.

Lawyer backs AWS to partially succeed with JEDI court challenge

A federal judge has weighed in on the ongoing legal battle surrounding the $10bn military cloud contract awarded to Microsoft last October.

In February, AWS launched a legal battle over the decision to award the JEDI contract to its cloud rival, in which it accused President Trump of “well-documented” bias against Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos and improper interference in the review process.

Report: Microsoft handed OpenAI $500m in Azure credits

Half of the $1bn Microsoft invested into OpenAI last year came in the form of Azure credits, according to a profile on the group published in MIT Technology Review.

In July, when Microsoft announced the mammoth investment into the AI research lab, which is dedicated to the safe and ethical creation of artificial general intelligence, Redmond said it would become the group’s “exclusive” provider of cloud computing services.