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Probax launches South African data centre

Probax, an Australian provider of data backup and storage services, has announced that it will expand its international presence with the opening of a data center in South Africa. The... Read More

Australia seeks to tax broadband rivals to fund national infrastructure roll-out

Australia’s coalition government has released draft legislation which will require private sector broadband providers to contribute substantially to the National Broadband Network (NBN), currently set for a growth phase intended... Read More

Quantum research achieves 10-fold boost in superposition stability

A team of Australian researchers has developed a qubit offering ten times the stability of existing technologies. The computer scientists claim that the new innovation could significantly increase the reliability... Read More

Trident subsea cable chooses Equinix for PoPs in Singapore, Australia and Jakarta

Trident’s undersea cable, anticipated for completion mid-way through 2018, will connect to Points of Presence (PoPs) in three APAC territories via Equinix. The company announced the deal on its portal... Read More

Australia investigates misleading or evasive broadband speed claims

An Australian consumer watchdog is calling for public submissions for a pending enquiry into evasive, vague, inexact or just plain mendacious claims made by broadband providers in regards to the... Read More

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