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Australia opens world’s first VR department store

eBay, in partnership with the largest department store group in Australia, has launched the world’s first virtual reality department store. The store offers over 12,500 items for customers to examine and purchase using a smartphone app and a VR headset. The announcement made today from eBay and Myer marks the first time a major department store… Read More

Haptic glove joins the race to make augmented reality tactile

Researchers at the Auckland University of Technology have developed a haptic glove which can provide tactile feedback and control videogames, for instance allowing a user to shoot guns with a thumb and missiles with fingers, and to control game environments with hand gestures. The glove features a custom-fabricated printed circuit board which employs an Arduino… Read More

Australia promises to remove tax on Bitcoin, support FinTech innovation

The Australian government announced today that Bitcoin and other digital currencies would no longer be subject to Goods and Services Tax (GST), and regulations would become more lenient to support startups and entrepreneurs in the country. Treasurer Scott Morrison noted in a detailed policy statement today that various new law proposals would see GST removed… Read More

Australian tax avoidance clampdown is a double-edged sword, warns Google

Search giant Google has today warned Australia that its largest companies may face stricter retaliative rulings abroad should it follow the UK’s crackdown on organisations diverting revenue offshore. The warning was made at a parliamentary inquiry into multinational tax avoidance, which has placed the likes of Google, Microsoft and Apple, among other global tech firms, under… Read More

Services restored at Australian data centre following heatwave shutdown

A heatwave that saw record-breaking temperatures reach above 44.4°C in Western Australia shut down an iiNet data centre in Perth on Monday, according to the Sydney Morning Herald. The data centre failed on one of the hottest January days on record since 1991 – a heatwave which has continued into the week. According to iiNet, these… Read More