Latest Augmented Reality publications

Haptic glove joins the race to make augmented reality tactile

Researchers at the Auckland University of Technology have developed a haptic glove which can provide tactile feedback and control videogames, for instance allowing a user to shoot guns with a thumb and missiles with fingers, and to control game environments with hand gestures. The glove features a custom-fabricated printed circuit board which employs an Arduino… Read More

How technology is accelerating construction at Gaudí’s Sagrada Familia

A recent trip to Barcelona afforded a visit to Antoni Gaudí’s stunning architectural venture the Sagrada Familia. Construction began in 1882, with work on the impressive Catholic church due to continue until at least 2026. Today the site, which was listed as a world heritage destination in 2005, welcomes over 3.5 million international visitors every… Read More

HoloLens for developers available for pre-order

Microsoft’s HoloLens, touted as the world’s ‘first and only fully untethered holographic computer’ is available today for pre-order and will ship on March 30. The HoloLens Development Edition is available for purchase to qualified developer applicants and will cost $3,000. While the augmented-reality headset is still far from a commercial release to consumers, Microsoft will… Read More

EEG feedback offers interesting possibilities for virtual reality

A new paper from the University of Memphis examines the potential of consumer-grade EEG equipment to provide meaningful and accurate recognition of the wearer’s mental state, opening up possibilities not only for useful medical or health-oriented implementations, but of incorporating similar sensors into virtual reality (VR) or augmented reality (AR) headsets, permitting extraordinary scope for… Read More

Microsoft developing multi-player virtual reality

Microsoft researchers are developing ways to engage multiple people in virtual reality experiences. Computer scientists led by VR expert Jaron Lanier, are exploring the multi-play technology in a project titled Comradre (pronounced ‘comradery’). The headsets are made using a smartphone, a connected laptop and external sensors which trace the wearer’s head movements. A video, shot… Read More