Latest Augmented Reality publications

Veeso VR headset captures and displays facial expressions in real time

The Veeso virtual reality headset, a smartphone-based VR headset reminiscent of Samsung VR, includes  functionality that can capture a user’s facial expressions and display them in real time on a digital avatar. The headset, which is currently raising funds on Kickstarter, aims to provide a new depth to virtual interaction. By providing a method for displaying facial… Read More

Snapchat considers image recognition to push brand ads

Snapchat is looking into using image recognition technologies to better deliver targeted ads. In its recent patent application, titled ‘Object Recognition Based Photo Filters’, the social media company proposed a series of tailored filters to push commercial offers related to the photo a user is sharing. The patent, which was first filed in January 2015 and… Read More

The $300 hologram display

Princess Leia’s first holographic appearance in Star Wars (1977) remains the lodestar for generations of geeks – many of them scientists – who are interested in real world, glasses-free holography – and, for that matter, emerging VR and AR technologies such as Microsoft’s HoloLens. (If you retain the notion of a respectful gap between basement-dwelling… Read More

Microsoft steps up the sci-fi with new HoloLens video – but keep your hands down

Microsoft’s latest video for the HoloLens AR experience (embedded below) is a blast, and if I go on to write with any critical bias (yes, I am going to), I should state right away that I believe Augmented Reality in general, and HoloLens in particular, will eventually change society in a profound way that will… Read More

Samsung brings the transparent display closer in Korea

Today, Samsung unveiled the first commercial installation of its cutting-edge mirror display at an upscale hair salon in Seoul, South Korea. The 55-inch display units act as a mirror while playing media over the mirrored image. Effectively, however, the display represents a (90%) transparent layer over an underlying mirror, and is among the early retail-led… Read More