Latest Augmented Reality publications

Programmer completes cycle journey of UK in virtual reality with Google data

A software developer who created a ‘Virtual Britain’ using Google Street View data has completed a 932-mile journey across the country from the relative comfort of his home. Aaron Puzey... Read More

Facebook seeking tenant space for Oculus Rift VR data at Irish cinema data centre

Despite Apple’s ongoing problems with its Athenry DC build, Facebook seems set on joining the device manufacturer in staking a bigger claim in Ireland’s burgeoning data centre market, with the... Read More

Hong Kong startup uses augmented reality to find haunted apartments

A real estate startup company in Hong Kong has harnessed the power of augmented reality (AR) technology to show users the price of apartments for sale or rent. It also... Read More

Apple: New patent granted for long-proposed VR headset

Apple has been granted a new patent at the United States Patent and Trademark Office for a virtual reality device mount that it has been filing IP on since 2007... Read More

Augmented reality has surgical application

A Chinese surgeon has discovered a practical application for augmented reality in the medical field. Using the same technology by which a Pokemon character is layered onto a real-life setting,... Read More

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