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UK Government pledges £100m investment for AI taskforce

The UK Government is to invest £100 million for a taskforce to develop AI models for fields such as healthcare and education. The recently formed Department for Science, Innovation and... Read More

Artificial Intelligence Adoption in France: Use Cases, Benefits, and Challenges

French President, Emmanuel Macron, unveiled an ambitious €1.5 billion artificial intelligence (AI) plan in 2018 to make France a European leader in AI. This major investment has made an notable... Read More

What is GPT-4? Exploring the AI taking the world by storm

Powered by the latest GPT-4 iteration, ChatGPT has become one of the most popular apps in history within a few short months. The large language model reached more than 100... Read More

How can we overcome bias in algorithms?

Leading tech organisations have released toolkits that offer developers the ability to identify and remove any viruses found within machine learning models. The IBM Watson OpenScale service gives developers access to... Read More

Huawei: Towards the better Datacenter

Artificial Intelligence is emerging quickly as a key tool in the operation and management of datacentres. As datacentres continue to become more business-critical, more technologically complex and networked, and more... Read More

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