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The Zero Trust Interactive Forum 2021: The Panels

The adoption and integration of Zero Trust principles into any cybersecurity strategy comes with many challenges and questions – what stand at the heart of the wide-ranging panel discussions taking place next week, 16th & 17th June.

HPE develops memory-driven computer architecture

Hewlett-Packard Enterprise (HPE) has unveiled a working prototype of memory-driven computing architecture. This represents a major milestone in HPE’s realization of The Machine: a new concept of computing design that puts memory at the center of the system, rather than processors. Hewlett-Packard began research into memory-driven architecture as a new means of addressing problems with… Read More

Milk: working round the big data bottleneck in modern CPUs

On Tuesday at the International Conference on Parallel Architectures and Compilation Techniques in Israel, MIT researchers presented a new run-time technique capable of speeding up Big Data access by up to a factor or four. The paper presented, Optimizing Indirect Memory References with milk by Vladimir Kiriansky, Yunming Zhang and Saman Amarasinghe, explains why data… Read More

What’s wrong with software-defined data centre (SDDC) definitions?

The main problem is that the SDDC reinforces the divide between IT and Facilities and is symptomatic of an industry issue says Soeren Juul Schroeder. Unless the industry rethinks its organisational structures – and bridges that divide – we may fail to realise the potential of the software-defined data centre. According to Wikipedia, the “software-defined… Read More

The evolution of the data centre: simplifying network architecture to reduce costs

Virtualisation has changed forever the way data centres are run – and not always in ways that were anticipated. Now, writes Paul Bonner, the head of technical services at Hardware.com, operators can further reduce costs and simplify their networks by taking a multi-vendor approach. Previously when IT professionals discussed network infrastructure and data centre costs,… Read More