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Microsoft Azure releases Event Grid for event-based apps

Microsoft Azure is releasing Event Grid, a fully-managed event routing service which Microsoft claims is the first of its type. The tool aims to simplify the creation of event-based applications... Read More

Google’s Triangle app enables tailored data usage

Google is currently testing a new product called Triangle – an Android app designed to help users manage their mobile data. The app, which has been launched in beta in... Read More

Germany to fine social media €50mn for illegal content

The German government has voted in favor of a new law that includes, among other things, fines of up to €50 million to social media companies that fail to remove... Read More

The evolution of apps at the heart of the business ecosystem

Michael Brown, Systems Engineering Manager at F5 Networks, discusses the role of apps at the heart of ever-complex business environments… It is now widely accepted that we are on the verge... Read More

IBM Cloud selected for BMW connected car

BMW and IBM have announced a partnership to work together on a platform for the connected car. BMW’s CarData platform was created to run on the IBM Bluemix cloud, giving the... Read More

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