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Apple and IBM team up to take on business app market

Apple and IBM announced yesterday a business partnership which will see the previously rival firms develop mobile devices and applications for corporate use. Through this deal IBM will sell Apple hardware with pre-loaded services, co-developed by both organisations, and Apple will manage support for the products. As part of the announcement, IBM revealed it will… Read More

AWS introduces Amazon Cognito and Zocalo services

Amazon Web Services (AWS) have today launched two new products: Cognito, a tool to facilitate the creation and build of mobile applications over the AWS cloud, and Zocalo, a secure storage and sharing service for enterprise. Amazon Cognito is a new service that provides simple user identity and data synchronization that lets developers create apps… Read More

Why cards are the future of the web

In this piece Paul Adams, VP of product at Intercom, discusses cards as the best design pattern for portable devices, thanks to their capabilities for manipulation, communication and design. He suggests that we have witnessed a re-design of the web that moves away from traditional “pages and destinations”, towards an aggregation of individual pieces of… Read More

Acer begins transformation from hardware maker to cloud player

PC hardware maker Acer has revealed more details about how it will reinvent itself in the cloud and Internet of Things. It has opened an “experience centre” in Aspire Park in Taiwan for its BYOC (Build Your Own Cloud) to interest partners to help it become a “hardware + software + services” company. BYOC was… Read More

The future of business is digital, says Forrester

Seems an obvious, Marketing-based headline and the article kicks off with the traditional apocalyptic vision (“Your company is likely to face an extinction event in the next 10 years”) but there is an important point in this blog from Forrester analyst Nigel Fenwick about the build up of App ecosystems that represent value to their… Read More