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Google Cloud Vision API is blinded by noise

The strength of Google’s Cloud Vision API has been put to the test by a trio of researchers. In a new report, Hossein Hosseini, Baicen Xiao and Radha Poovendran have produced a paper entitled ‘Google’s Cloud Vision API Is Not Robust To Noise’. The researchers from the University of Washington (Seattle)’s Network Security Lab have… Read More

Google acquires API platform company Apigee for $625 million

Google announced today that it is acquiring API platform company Apigee for $625 million (approx.£470 million). Headquartered in San Jose, with branches in London and Bangalore, Apigee offers an Intelligent API Platform (see video below) to connect disparate services and protocols. The company specialises in data transformation and payload restructuring; on a practical level this… Read More

UberRUSH API introduced to offer businesses on-demand delivery

Having tested its new delivery service in New York and San Francisco for a number of months last year, Uber finally launched UberRUSH in October 2015. This week the taxi-hailing giant has made it even easier for businesses to use the feature for ‘within one-hour’ deliveries. Yesterday, the company introduced a formerly private application programme… Read More

Top cloud services to collaborate in OpenCloud Project

A new industry group of service providers and IP carriers which aims to define open cloud industry standards met for the first time this week. Sponsored by the CloudEthernet Forum (CEF), the OpenCloud Project aims to construct a live test environment that will help the industry develop guidelines for improved cloud, data centre and network… Read More

If software is eating the world then NFV will be eating networking

Customisation used to mean expensive bespoke systems but in the world of software defining and software implementing, things have changed particularly for the hyperscale service providers. Chris Swan asks if their innovations will come through to normal users and if it will be worth the wait? It’s almost three years since Marc Andreesen wrote Why… Read More