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Samsung Galaxy S5 vulnerability leaves fingerprint ID exposed

A flaw has been discovered in the Samsung Galaxy S5, which made it possible for hackers to take copies of fingerprints used to unlock the smartphone. According to security research firm FireEye, the bug would have allowed hackers to steal sensitive and personal data stored on the phone. The researchers suggested that other phones running… Read More

Google responds to EU antitrust claims in Android blog post

Earlier today the European Union released a Statement of Objection against Google, asserting that the search giant’s dominance violating antitrust rules and Android products hindering equal opportunities for market access among its rivals. Google has now released an official blog post in response to the Commission’s proposed investigation. Regarding its Android devices, Hiroshi Lockheimer, VP of Engineering… Read More

Google introduces on-body detection and smart lock features

Google is rolling out two new features across its Android smartphones, ‘on-body detection’ and ‘smart lock.’ These additions will use the in-built smartphone accelerometer which judges a device’s orientation – whether the phone is in use or if it is resting on a surface. According to the Silicon Valley tech giant, the phone will remain unlocked when… Read More

IBM launches tool to create disabled-friendly mobile apps

IBM have released a new framework [PDF] to help developers ensure that their smartphone apps for iOs and Android meet the needs of a potential 1 billion users. The IBM AbilityLab Mobile Accessibility Checker (MAC)is designed to automate, document and audit the usability of cell-phone apps for people suffering from a range of possible impairments…. Read More

Dating apps a potential corporate vulnerability in BYOD, according to IBM

In a report that throws pending Valentine’s day under a cold shower, IBM claims to have discovered exploitable vulnerabilities in 26 out of 41 smartphone dating apps available on Google’s Android mobile platform – and that 50 per cent of BYOD devices in the companies surveyed have dating apps installed on them. The report states… Read More