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SnapChat and Samsung the biggest Android app resource hogs this quarter

In a quarterly ranking that no app publisher wants to do well in, the SnapChat messaging app joins Samsung’s mobile utilities to top out AVG’s list of Android applications which take up the most resources on your phone. Other interesting findings from the report include that Yahoo’s photo-blogging platform Tumblr takes up more multimedia bandwidth… Read More

U.S. smartphone users primary targets in Android ‘Lockerpin’ attacks

In a week which has turned critical eyes toward Android security, a new aggressive ransomware has been discovered which seizes control over smartphones by changing PIN codes. Researchers ESET identified the malware in device attacks across North America and interestingly noted that even hackers administering ‘Lockerpin’ were incapable of unlocking the breached phones. “Based on… Read More

Android ransomware lures with porno, takes your picture and then ‘fines’ you

Researchers at zScaler have identified a new strain of Android-based ransomware that activates your phone’s camera in order to incorporate your own picture into its blackmail note. The report outlines the behaviour and methods of ‘Adult Player’, which boasts a fulsome icon promising access to pornographic content, but which upon installation immediately locks the user’s… Read More

Stagefright patch insufficient, leaving 950 million Android devices vulnerable

A patch released by Google to address a vulnerability in Stagefright has been found to contain a bug that potential attackers could exploit. Google was informed of the vulnerability in April 2015, and then the news was reported publicly towards the end of July, followed by a talk on the subject at the Black Hat… Read More

Android malware uses ad framework to hide in Nintendo gaming app

A new strain of Android virus attacks through Nintendo games, stealing personal data from the user and making them pay for the application, according to cybersecurity experts Palo Alto Networks. The malware family, which the firm has dubbed Gunpoder, includes three variants which disguise themselves as an open source Nintendo Entertainment System emulator app used… Read More