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Android as an IOT platform

The term “platform” is very ambiguous when used carelessly by programmers and consultants in the information technology business. Under various circumstances, TCP/IP, Linux, Oracle and Java are all referred to as platforms even though they are neither similar nor comparable to each other. Even within the narrower definition of IOT we can look at platforms… Read More

Android adware Trojan also contains keylogger and data exfiltration capabilities

Russian security researchers have identified a Trojanised version of an Android adware variant which not only delivers unwanted advertising but also has the capability to log keystrokes and intercept text messages, passwords and search queries. The legitimate software which has been copied and infected is the AnonyPlayer music radio app, which in its malicious form… Read More

The self-replicating smartphone app that’s ready for the apocalypse – and the censors

Researchers from the Netherlands are working on a communications app so resilient that it can survive communications and power outages, natural disasters, and can self-replicate, mutate and spread virally between clusters of mobile phones, eventually across all mobile OSes. In the paper Autonomous smartphone apps: self-compilation, mutation, and viral spreading [PDF], lead Paul Brusee and… Read More

Trojanised adware, including newcomer ‘Shuanet’, infects 20,000 recoded Android apps

A new report from internet security company Lookout has found that over 20,000 Android apps, including ‘recoded’ versions of legitimate apps such as Facebook, are infected with Trojanised adware that roots Android devices, leaving users with little recourse to either get the devices looked at by security specialists or to abandon it completely. The extensive… Read More

Multi-platform system identifies PII leaks on mobile devices

A system has been devised to reveal PII (Personal Identifiable Information) leaks on mobile devices. The innovation is called ReCon, a cross-platform system that shows PII leaks by inspecting network traffic. It also allows users to control the leaks via a visualisation tool. Such PII includes location, contact information, usernames and passwords. ReCon picks out… Read More