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Infected Pokémon GO APK carries dangerous Android backdoor

As Pokémon GO goes viral despite not being available in many countries, users around the world have started side-loading via APK files and risking device security, eager to get their hands on the new mobile gaming app from Nintendo. Pokémon GO was released in Australia and New Zealand on the 4th July, and later in… Read More

Android creator sees a future powered by one almighty AI

Android co-founder Andy Rubin has spoken about how he sees artificial intelligence (AI) and quantum computing transforming the future of technology. At Bloomberg’s Tech Conference in San Francisco today, the Google veteran focused on how AI could be applied to smartphones and other devices to completely change the way consumers use gadgets in their everyday… Read More

AuDroid security system prevents audio attacks at the device level

With increasing consumer interaction with voice control for smartphone and wearable devices, researchers have drawn attention to the security failings of current mobile operating systems at managing audio, enabling malicious parties to exploit communication channels and trick devices into compromising user privacy and performing unauthorised operations. Previous work to explore audio attack prevention has proposed adjusting individual… Read More

Hacker uses Android light-switches to gain control over an entire hotel

A Linux developer staying in a hotel for a conference has found, with very little experimentation, that he was able to use the establishment’s innovative Android-based room lighting controls to hop onto the network and gain access to the environmental controls in every other room in the hotel. Matthew Garrett, a security developer at CoreOS,… Read More

Android as an IOT platform

The term “platform” is very ambiguous when used carelessly by programmers and consultants in the information technology business. Under various circumstances, TCP/IP, Linux, Oracle and Java are all referred to as platforms even though they are neither similar nor comparable to each other. Even within the narrower definition of IOT we can look at platforms… Read More