Latest Android publications

Data forensics for cloud storage applications

Researchers from the University of Salford, in the UK, have created a taxonomy to assist forensic research of data stored in cloud apps on Android-based mobile devices. The importance of data retrieval from phones and tablets is of increasing relevance to law enforcement officials, who must follow proscribed evidentiary procedures to ensure that relevant data… Read More

Google and Volvo partner to build Android into connected cars

Google has announced that it has partnered with Volvo Cars to support the development of the car maker’s next-generation connected vehicles. Through the new partnership, Volvo will be using Google’s Android to design its in-car infotainment and connectivity systems – offering a variety of connected and predictive apps and services. According to the Swedish car… Read More

Android Malware poses as Netflix app

Researchers have discovered a new version of the SpyNote RAT that disguises itself as a legitimate Netflix app to gain access to a device. The malware, once installed, allows a malicious user to control the device, executing commands and accessing personal information. The latest version of the SpyNote Remote Access Trojan (RAT), discovered by researchers at… Read More

Bringing local neural network power to Android via the GPU

Anyone who peruses a large enough number of scientific papers about research into Convolutional Neural Networks (CNNs) can almost feel the scientists’ collective frustration at having to offload data analysis to the cloud because the mobile devices in use are underpowered and underspecced. While the world seems set to shed desktop devices as ballast in… Read More

Gugi banking Trojan bypasses Android security features

Security analysts at Kaspersky Lab have discovered an evolved version of the Gugi banking Trojan, which is able to bypass the new security capabilities of Android 6. According to the security firm, the modified Trojan is capable of skipping past the platform’s phishing and ransomware blocking features by positioning itself as an overlay to legitimate… Read More