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Ad fraud malware infects 4.6M Android devices

A new threat has been uncovered, infecting over 4.6 million Android devices with ad fraud malware embedded in Google Play apps The threat intelligence team at WhiteOps recently discovered Soraka, a malicious code package infecting over 100 apps on the Google Play store with more than 4.6 million downloads. Soraka, and a related variant named… Read More

Fortnite on Android at risk of malware

Fortnite players on Android devices are at risk of downloading malware infections to their phones, security experts have warned. This is due in part to Epic Games’ decision to bypass the Google Play Store and make the game available on their own website. Android devices are more susceptible to malware threats, with one study finding… Read More

Kaspersky discovers powerful Skygofree mobile Trojan

Security researchers at Kaspersky Labs have discovered an advanced mobile Trojan called Skygofree, which carries a swathe of worrying features. The Trojan, which has so far only breached a small number of devices in Italy, is, according to Kaspersky, ‘overflowing’ with ways to impeach upon the user’s privacy. It has the ability to track the… Read More

Android users being targeted by fake Uber app

People using Android are being targeted by malware that spoofs the Uber user interface to steal passwords, according to a report from Symantec. The security firm has analysed a recent version of the Android.Fakeapp malware variant, and found that hackers are tricking users into entering their passwords and phone numbers onto a fake version of… Read More

Data forensics for cloud storage applications

Researchers from the University of Salford, in the UK, have created a taxonomy to assist forensic research of data stored in cloud apps on Android-based mobile devices. The importance of data retrieval from phones and tablets is of increasing relevance to law enforcement officials, who must follow proscribed evidentiary procedures to ensure that relevant data… Read More