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Oxford University announces Big Data and IoT project for NHS patients

Oxford University has launched a combined Big Data and Internet of Things programme designed to improve care for hospital patients. In collaboration with the US-based Chan Soon-Shiong Institute of Molecular Medicine, the University of Oxford announced yesterday its plan to sequence genomes of individual patients using analytics tools and connected devices. The project is fully… Read More

IBM reveals new cloud analytics software to fight growing cybercrime threats

IBM has announced the launch of a new cloud data and analytics service designed to combat cybercrime. Revealed on Monday as the IBM i2 Enterprise Insight Analysis (EIA), the software is a high-speed analysis and criminal investigation programme which hunts for “non-obvious relationships masked within hundreds of terabytes of data and trillions of objects in just… Read More

Beware the Data Lake

Paul Miller explains the potential risks behind the recent ‘data lake’ hype and warns that businesses may be heading into murky waters. There’s a new wonder technology in town, and it promises to solve every problem you’ve ever had with all those separate silos of data, scattered throughout your organisation. Or so some would have us believe…. Read More

Optimising performance to beat the internet’s rush hour traffic

As IP traffic continues to rocket and the peaks during the busy hour get even spikier, there is a growing need for automation in managing network services says Paul Vian According to the most recent Cisco Visual Networking Index,  global IP traffic has increased more than fivefold in the past five years and will increase… Read More

Cloud, analytic and mobile technologies pose major challenges for business says report

The business world is poorly prepared to face the challenges of the new era of IT according to a new study. From a forthcoming IBM study, called IT Infrastructure Matters, based on responses from 750 technology executives from around the world, it found less than 10% of organisations felt their existing IT infrastructure is fully… Read More