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New method discovered to accurately predict personality from Twitter posts

A team of researchers from IBM have found that a user’s personality type may be accurately inferred from social media posts using much smaller sample sizes than previously thought. The... Read More

Uber testing driverless cars in Pittsburgh

You’ve got to feel sorry for taxi drivers these days. In the last seven years, an industry that had remained largely unchanged since the decision to make all cabs yellow... Read More

Computer becomes first to pass Turing Test in artificial intelligence milestone, but academics warn of dangerous future

A lot of reader scepticism around this story in The Independent that Russian scientists have created an artificial intelligence program called Eugene Goostman good enough to have fooled the test’s judges... Read More

Software-as-a-Service to continue to dominate cloud revenues

Sales of enterprise software-as-a-Service will reach $53.5 billion in 2018 and the dominant sector of the enterprise public cloud computing market. According to a new report from Juniper Research, this... Read More

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