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Amazon launches artificial intelligence research centre in Germany

Amazon is launching an artificial intelligence (AI) research centre in Germany’s Cyber Valley, in an attempt to improve customer experience. Germany’s Cyber Valley, in a region near Stuttgart and Tübingen, a traditional university town, was created through a collaboration between the Max Planck Society, universities, and six major companies including Facebook and BMW. The collaborative… Read More

AWS to open data centres in Middle East by 2019

Amazon Web Services (AWS) has announced plans to open data centres in the Middle East by 2019 as it looks to begin infrastructure development in the region. The move signals the creation of the AWS Middle East (Bahrain) region, which will initially contain three availability zones. There are also plans to create an AWS edge… Read More

Viacom server leak exposes critical data

An unsecured Amazon Web Services S3 server led to a data leak for Viacom, the world’s sixth-largest media company and owner of Paramount Pictures and television brands including MTV, Comedy Central, and Nickelodeon. The leak, discovered by security researchers from UpGuard, included a master provisioning server that was left accessible to the public internet, containing credentials… Read More

AWS announces by-the-second billing

Amazon Web Services has announced that it will begin offering per-second billing in all AWS regions, effective October 2. The new billing structure will be offered for Linux usage, when applications are launched in On-Demand, Reserved and Spot form, and for provisioned storage for EBS volumes. Per-second billing will also apply to EMR clusters, in… Read More

Microsoft and Amazon play matchmaker between Cortana and Alexa

Amazon and Microsoft’s smart assistants will now be able to talk to each other, making them accessible from new devices and able to work together. In a collaborative project between the two giants, it means that customers soon will be able to turn to their Echo device and ask Alexa to open Cortana, or turn… Read More