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Google trials Project Wing in Amazon drone delivery stand-off

A drone-based delivery system to rival Amazon Prime Air has been revealed by Google X, the secretive development team behind the tech giant’s most ambitious projects. Named Project Wing, Google hopes to use these drones in disaster relief zones, delivering aid packages and supplies to areas in need. “Even just a few of these, being… Read More

Taking a logical approach to saving data centre energy

Once considered relatively inconsequential to IT management, energy costs have become more significant as the rise in consumption has been exacerbated by a steady – and in some years, substantial – increase in the cost of electricity.  Here, Emiliano Cevenini argues that managers are focussing on piecemeal reductions when what is needed a holistic approach… Read More

Cloud giants – particularly Amazon – are investing in voice control to ‘create deep customer relationships’.

James McQuivey, principal analyst at Forrester Research, examines the issue of voice control as the new user interface.  In particular he observes that Amazon has already stolen a lead and is looking to embed microphones into its customers’ lives ‘generating deep insight’ into who we are and then using that information to offer services to… Read More

News: Public cloud offers poor customer service

Using the public cloud means you have to expect poor customer service if something goes wrong according to Richard Thomas, chief executive officer of cloud monitoring specialist, NetEvidence. “Stick it all on Amazon or Google and it’s really quite cheap, very scaleable, but there isn’t a lot of control,” he said. “And when things break,… Read More

Sell cloud’s value not the technology urges Weinman

Cloudonomics author and industry expert Joe Weinman has urged cloud protagonists to promote the business benefits of cloud not the nuts and bolts. “When did you last go to a pizza restaurant and it was super tasty and you spoke to the pizza chef to compliment the electricity utility?” he asked. He used the same… Read More