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UK Government pledges £100m investment for AI taskforce

The UK Government is to invest £100 million for a taskforce to develop AI models for fields such as healthcare and education. The recently formed Department for Science, Innovation and... Read More

Intel’s data centre business 25% under expectations in Q2

In the company's recent earnings call, Intel reported that data centre and artificial intelligence (AI) business was down 16% year-over-year. Although data centre and AI still garnered $4.65 billion USD,... Read More

Five Ways to Future-Proof your Fibre Optic Infrastructure

Increasing traffic within data centres requires the fibre optic link bandwidth capacity to keep expanding as data throughput grows. Data centre traffic no longer flows primarily between servers and external... Read More

Health security firm Apriori Bio launches to combat virus variants

After more than two years of developing its Octavia technology, health security firm Apriori Bio has been launched by bio-platform innovation company Flagship Pioneering. Read More

Chinese AI tool can ‘check loyalty of party members’

Developed by researchers at Hefei Comprehensive National Science Centre, the tool is supposedly able to analyse facial expressions and brainwaves to accurately determine the extent to which the person is... Read More

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