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Why 2017 will see greater demand for agile thinking

Patrick Hubbard and Destiny Bertucci, head geeks at SolarWinds, take stock from 2016 and look forward to the new year ahead… As Patrick Hubbard and Destiny Bertucci, head geeks at... Read More

CIOs should capitalise on hybrid cloud infrastructure to improve business capability

Efforts by modern enterprises to grow business and maintain relevance inevitably lead to hybrid cloud solutions, argues top technology strategist. David Goulden, chief executive officer at EMC, a leading data... Read More

Cloud computing increases business agility, says Harvard Business Review study

As we move into a new phase of digital business, cloud computing has been gaining favour as a legitimate business strategy, as opposed to an opportunity for optimisation according to... Read More

Asia’s banks should learn to learn to love the cloud as a key enabler

Cloud is a capability that banks will have to master in order to build an agility advantage according to one of Asia’s leading analysts. Writing in his blog, Frederic Giron,... Read More

Using the cloud to increase return on investment and not just reduce cost

As cloud technology and know-how increasingly matures, Keith Tilley believes organisations should now look to invest in its agility benefits in creating a more dynamic and responsive business rather than... Read More

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