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Five ways agile development can power digital transformation success

Agile development enables organisations to lead the way with digital innovation, rather than just trying to keep pace with it If one thing is certain in the new digital era,... Read More

Collaborate and innovate at scale with Perforce Software at DevOps Live 2019

Meet Richard Wall and the Perforce Software team at DevOps Live to discover how its tools – including Perforce Helix Core – can help your business collaborate and innovate at... Read More

Q+A: Managing technical teams in the third sector

Elizabeth O'Neil has been in the tech world for twenty years. She helps technical leaders build high-performing teams and is not afraid to ask the tough questions. Elizabeth is currently head... Read More

Engineers have asked for more autonomy: now we need to prove why

To ensure modern development practices are maintained in large organisations and we don’t loop back to overly-detailed three-year Gantt charts, engineers need to prove their value to customers, writes Jatil... Read More

LEGO’s Jesper Toubøl talks agile mould-making

Jesper Toubøl, Vice President E&M Elements & Moulds at LEGO, explains how LEGO has shaped business success through sound agile principles Leadership in transformation Today many businesses face practically ruthless demands... Read More

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