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Google looking to respond to adblocking threat within ‘months’

Google executive Sridhar Ramaswamy has spoken out on the “creative” and “business” challenges of ad blocking at The Wall Street Journal’s WSJD Live Conference, saying that the advertising industry must swiftly – within ‘months’ – respond to the growth in ad-blocking tools and called for a “sustainable ad standard” that would ensure that digital adverts… Read More

If you need a paywall, but you also need Google to love you, you have a problem

Since I don’t speak German, I have no interest in penetrating the paywall that German digital publisher Axel Springer flung around the Bild news website this week, presumably in angry retaliation to its legal defeat in Cologne over the legitimacy of Adblock Plus two weeks earlier. Nonetheless I am always curious as to how paywalls… Read More

German publisher Axel Springer bans adblocking users from Bild website

Axel Springer SE, among the largest of Europe’s online publishers, has instituted a block on viewers who are using adblocking software for its flagship news website, Bild.de. Adblocking readers who browse to the Bild site now are presented with a page which blocks the site’s content and asks the reader to either switch off the… Read More

Ad-blocking ruled legal in Germany

A German regional court has ruled that adjusting web pages to block advertising is legal activity, following several complaints raised by German publishers against Eyeo-owned Adblock Plus. The four-month trial has heard arguments for and against the use of ad blocking services. Those in favour believe that ad blockers are necessary to ease the navigation and… Read More

Canvas fingerprinting impervious to anti-tracking software

An internet tracking device, developed by academics, is shadowing users’ activity on thousands of popular websites, including WhiteHouse.gov, CBS and YouPorn.com, it has emerged. An investigation led by ProPublica, an independent investigative newsroom, found that the canvas fingerprinting tracking method was being used by 5% of the top websites to trace movements of their users…. Read More