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U.S. newspapers file FTC complaint against adblocking whitelist ‘racket’

Shortly before the Memorial Day weekend, the Newspaper Association of America filed a Complaint and Request for Investigation to the Federal Trade Commission regarding the ‘unfair and deceptive trade practices’ of Eyeo’s paid whitelisting for the AdBlock product. The complaint [PDF], which represents the likes of The Washington Post along with 2000 other news outlets,… Read More

Three will trial ad-free mobile network on 15th of June

European mobile provider Three has announced the date for its first trial of a controversial network ad-blocking initiative that it announced in February. The ad-free day will take place on the 15th of June, when ‘excessive and irrelevant mobile ads’ will be blocked for any of the company’s 1.4 million customers who wish to participate…. Read More

Reddit considers banning sites that block adblockers – and paywalls

A recent post from moderators at Reddit announces that the popular aggregation and discussion site is considering banning the linking of URLs to websites which take measures against adblockers, including Forbes and Wired. Additionally it is considering a ban on paywalls, such as those instituted by the Wall Street Journal. The initial proposal for discussion… Read More

Pirate Bay founder’s micropayment system pairs with AdBlock Plus

Today a new collaboration was announced between one of the most newsworthy companies of 2016, Adblock Plus, and content payment company Flattr, who together are launching a scheme to allow users to make voluntary, ‘tip’-style micropayments to websites whose content they like – but whose regular ads they do not wish to see. Based in… Read More

Sites that block adblockers seem to be suffering

For news publishers the world is constantly ending – not only in over-caffeinated headlines but behind the scenes too. It’s always been so, from Gutenberg to Wapping riots to the internet and the painful conversion from print to digital. The latest Imminent Apocalypse is the dramatic rise in the use of adblockers – particularly new… Read More