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Twitter trials ad-blocking reader mode for links

Twitter is experimenting with linking directly to versions of a web-page which are stripped of all advertising, to the consternation of at least one major news outlet for whom networked... Read More

Adblock Plus creates AdTech platform for ‘whitelisted’ ads. Still taking 30%

Adblock Plus, last reported to have nearly 200 million users around the world, has launched a new ad-serving framework at AdTech, one of the major network advertising providers which it... Read More

How the blockchain could save journalism – for free

Over at hack.ether.camp, an annual four-week online event which is a hybrid between a hackathon and a startup incubator, participant developers suggest abstract ideas around which others may gather and... Read More

Facebook to override ad blockers

Facebook is planning to use specialised software to show adverts to desktop users who have installed ad blockers, as the technology begins to threaten the social network’s advertising revenue. Facebook... Read More

Opera repudiates Microsoft Edge battery-saving claims

The browser-maker Opera has negated Microsoft’s much-publicised claim that its Windows 10-exclusive Edge browser provides significantly less battery drain than competitors Chrome and Opera – and its own tests put... Read More

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