Latest adblocking publications

Google ‘Fred’ and the continuing death of the SERPS middle class

As far as the SERPs community can tell, Google has changed its ranking algorithm again, far ahead of the traditional autumn shake-ups – and the latest revision, dubbed ‘Fred’, is... Read More

Wall Street Journal closes Google paywall gap

In the latest move in publishers’ conflicted attitude to paywalls, the Wall Street Journal has now apparently abandoned the one loophole which permitted users to access its content without becoming... Read More

Adblock-blockers ‘ineffective’, adblocking up 30% globally in two years

A new report on global user trends in adblocking has found that the countermeasures which publishing companies take to block content to adblock users are ‘ineffective’. The report, by pro-ad... Read More

Adblock Plus: Standing for user choice on a ‘profitable’ web

Ben Williams, Head of Operations at Adblock Plus, addresses some of the controversy surrounding the service’s Acceptable Ads platform… Acceptable Ads has always been about championing partial ad blocking. Complete... Read More

Popular porn site defeats adblockers on Chrome

The 64th most popular website in the world seems to have found a way to unblock ads without engaging users in block-screens and blackmail – a fact which may be... Read More

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