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Yondr Group and Everstone form $1B Partnership for Indian Data Centres

The EverYondr joint venture will focus first on building a hyperscale data centre facility in Mumbai. The company has already acquired land in the Mumbai Metropolitan area and the power necessary for an operational data centre facility.

Gaw Capital creates Data Centre First for Indonesian expansion

Gaw Capital has a history of independent thinking that sometimes runs counter to accepted thinking among real estate investors.

Interxion creates ‘largest data hub’ in London

The increase in data demand across the UK was accelerated by the pandemic, but there are many factors that are expected to continue driving growth in the London data centre market.

Princeton Digital Group to invest $1B in Japanese data centre

The new data centre will be located in Saitama City, one of the main commercial centres of the city, located 30km north of the city centre.

Virtus acquired by Singapore data centre firm STT GDC

Singapore data centre provider ST Telemedia Global Data Centres (STT GDC) has acquired Virtus, following STT’s purchase of Brockton Capital’s stake in Virtus. According to the Singapore firm, the strategic investment will improve Virtus’s position and ability to carry out its strategic growth plans in the UK and Europe. Alongside that, it will enable Virtus… Read More