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3D printing produces ‘life-saving’ blood vessel networks

A new light-activated 3D printing technique has helped researchers to build ‘lifelike’ blood vessel networks – a major step towards synthetic organ production. Using the new approach, the team from the University of California San Diego (UCSD) was able to print functional networks of artificial blood vessels. In animal trails, the technology was successfully introduced… Read More

Researchers hack 3D printer to crash drone

A team of researchers from universities in Israel, the U.S. and Singapore have uncovered a potentially dangerous and costly cyber threat: hacking 3D manufacturing systems. The attack vector in question is additive printing, where the 3D printer builds up layers of formed material in minute increments, often with undercut supports intended for later removal, and,… Read More

MIT framework takes 3D printing beyond prototyping

A new system from MIT’s Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory allows operators with very low skill-sets to create multi-material 3D objects with a facility and speed that has not been available before – and the creators believe that such a system could break 3D printing out of the ‘prototyping’ ghetto into the realm of… Read More

World’s smallest camera lens heralds biotech revolution

German researchers have developed the world’s tiniest 3D-printed lens, which could be integrated into cameras just twice the width of a human hair, revolutionising medical imaging, surveillance, robotics and drone technologies. In a Nature Photonics paper titled Two-photon direct laser writing of ultracompact multi-lens objectives this week, the team, based at Stuttgart University, explained how they… Read More

Israeli team develops high-speed 3D bioprinter for stem cells

A collaborative project conducted by two Israeli firms has successfully lab-tested a proof of concept 3D bioprinter for stem cells, signalling significant potential for the printing of complex tissues and organs. Nano Dimensions, an innovative 3D printing startup with expertise in manufacturing electronic printed circuit boards (PCBs), teamed up with biotech firm Accellta to develop… Read More