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Summer 2021 – Data Centre Management

We all know that sustainability should be high on every businesses’ list of priorities, but if you want to get serious about it then you really should be striving towards a circular economy. Is this just another buzzword, or something real and tangible that we can actually work towards?

In a nutshell, the concept is based on finding uses for waste, keeping products in operation for longer and looking at ways to regenerate natural systems. Key to all of this is the sharing of ideas, collaborating and integrating our approach in order to create a strategy for sustainability that really works. Our DCA expert panel are discussing exactly this in our hot topic in this issue, so you’ll find plenty of food for thought over the next few pages. Happy reading!

Contributions from leading Experts

Astrid Wynne

Sustainability Manager

Marc Garner

VP, Secure Power Division, UK&I
Schneider Electric

Sophie Parry

Vice Chair of the CIBSE/SLL Technical & Publications Committee

Mat Jordan

Head of EMEA
Procurri UK Limited