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Winter 2019 – Data Centre Management

The wait is over. The Winter 2019 edition of Data Centre Management is here.

As another year in the data centre draws to a close, we are once again offered the chance to take stock of what 2019 brought to the table, while also trying to plan for the new year – and decade – that lies ahead of us.

We are still living under a cloud of uncertainty regarding Brexit, without a definitive conclusion, we all remain somewhat cautious, not knowing for sure what impact this may have on our businesses. Not to mention the impending general election for a touch more political turmoil to deal with.

However things pan out, hopefully by our Spring Edition we will all have some definitive answers, allowing us all to plan ahead better.

Whatever the results bring, I wish you all a wonderful Christmas and a very, happy, healthy and succcesful new year.

Heather Grimes, Editor

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Tim Mitchell

Sales Director

Maikel Bouricius

Marketing Manager