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Summer 2020 – DCW Preview

The wait is over. The Summer 2020 edition of Data Centre Management is here.

There’s no doubt about it, we’re all currently living in extremely strange times. The COVID-19 lockdown has brought many industries to a complete standstill, while others are muddling through with staff working from home and some are booming due to evolving consumer habits.

Some of these trends include gardening, crafting, DIY, with these sectors struggling to keep up with demand. There’s no denying that our consumption of data has rocketed, with more people at home accessing the likes of Netflix, Zoom, and, of course, online shopping. Jonas Caino believes this means the digital transformation we’ve all been talking about is now a reality, and with it comes a new ecosystem. Turn to page 64 to discover more!

Heather Grimes, Editor

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Associate Professor, Design

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