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Buyers Guide 2015

This issue includes our annual buyers guide and hopefully you will keep it handy throughout the year and it will provide you with all the contacts you need for your data centre.

The data centre market continues to grow and I was recently at an event where Netsuite announced the launch of its first European data centres in Ireland and Amsterdam. It was interesting to see that they had not located the data centres in the UK. When asked the CEO said there were a number of reasons for this, and one was of course the tax system. It will be interesting to see if this state of affairs will affect the UK data centre industry in the future. Perhaps the industry should be lobbying for tax breaks for data centres.

The EU Court of Justice ruling that has invalidated the agreement between EU and US organisations on data transfers has left Facebook, Amazon and others scrambling to overhaul their businesses practices to avoid breaking EU law and losing EU customers.

Safe Harbor will affect EU business and EU data centres and DCM will continue to cover this issue in the coming months.