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GitHub Copilot Chat now generally available for AI-Powered coding

GitHub has announced the general availability of GitHub Copilot Chat for organisations and individuals, expanding the capabilities of its AI-powered developer platform. This new feature enhances coding with natural language... Read More

ACRO releases Principles for Responsible AI in clinical research

The Association of Clinical Research Organizations (ACRO), representing clinical research organisations (CROs) and clinical technology companies, has announced the release of its Principles for Responsible AI. These principles are aimed... Read More

Alteryx set for £3.4bn acquisition by Clearlake and Insight

Clearlake Capital Group and Insight Partners are set to acquire Alteryx for £3.4 billion ($4.4 billion) including debt, transforming Alteryx into a privately held company. Under this agreement, Alteryx stockholders... Read More

Did the AI Safety Summit go far enough? 43% of UK businesses call for more AI funding

The UK Government recently held the AI Safety Summit at Bletchley Park to discuss the safety and regulation of artificial intelligence, which is growing rapidly in prominence. A recent study... Read More

AI and cybersecurity dominate global risk perceptions amid ‘polycrisis’, says report

A significant shift in global risk perceptions surrounding artificial intelligence (AI) and cybersecurity were unveiled in AXA’s tenth edition of its Future Risks Report. The report revealed that the risks... Read More

Quarter of UK jobs face high exposure to Generative AI

Generative AI (GenAI) is increasingly shaping the UK labour market landscape, as indicated in the 2024 UK Jobs & Hiring Trends Report by Indeed. The report revealed that 24% of... Read More

Cybersecurity and sustainability lead top tech priorities in 2024, says report

A new Softcat report has revealed the top tech priorities for 2024. The study, encompassing insights from over 4,000 customers across 2,900 organisations in the UK and Ireland, highlights cybersecurity... Read More

Gartner predicts robust growth for semiconductor industry in 2024

The semiconductor industry is set for a significant rebound in 2024, with worldwide revenue projected to grow by 16.8% to £495.3 billion ($624 billion), according to Gartner’s latest forecast. This... Read More

Singtel unveils next-gen data centres to support AI boom

In response to the escalating global demand for AI, Singtel is developing a new generation of environmentally-friendly and highly-connected AI data centres. These facilities are designed to efficiently manage the... Read More

Pearson study reveals UK jobs most at risk from Generative AI

Pearson has released research findings indicating that white collar jobs in the UK are more susceptible to the impact of Generative AI than blue collar roles. This shift, expected to... Read More

LVMH and Alibaba Cloud partner to revamp luxury retail with AI

French luxury house LVMH has collaborated with Alibaba Cloud to transform the online luxury retail landscape. This partnership focused on utilising digital intelligence and AI throughout the customer journey, aiming... Read More

ServiceNow partners with AWS to launch SaaS solutions and AI-Powered applications

ServiceNow has announced a five-year Strategic Collaboration Agreement (SCA) with Amazon Web Services (AWS). Starting in early 2024, ServiceNow’s Platform and its complete suite of solutions will be accessible as... Read More

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