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Data Centre 5 days ago

Microsoft invests in Cyclic Materials to accelerate climate tech innovation Advanced metals recycling company, Cyclic Materials, has announced a significant equity investment from Microsoft’s Climate Innovation Fund. This fund is dedicated to accelerating the development and deployment of new climate innovations, reflecting Microsoft’s commitment to advancing a circular economy and its interest in rare earth element recycling from hard drives. Over the past two years,...... Read More

Data Centre 5 days ago

PeaSoup partners with Midas, Centersquare, and Castrol to advance sustainable cloud computing Provider of eco-friendly cloud solutions, PeaSoup, has announced a strategic collaboration with Midas Immersion Cooling, Centersquare, and Castrol to advance the high-performance computing (HPC) landscape. This partnership aims to enhance performance efficiency while significantly reducing energy consumption. In response to the historically high energy demands of high-performance computing, PeaSoup’s alliance with Midas, Centersquare, and Castrol...... Read More

Cybersecurity 5 days ago

Mimecast unveils breakthrough human risk management platform Cybersecurity company, Mimecast, has announced the launch of its Human Risk Management (HRM) platform. This new platform addresses the increasing need for effective risk mitigation related to employee mistakes and user errors, offering enhanced visibility into an organisation’s risk profile. The HRM platform is designed to provide security teams with tools to score users by...... Read More