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World’s first game server on ‘true edge computing’ delivered in London

Wed 30 Aug 2023

The world’s first game server running on true edge computing has been delivered in London.

This was achieved through a partnership between gaming server orchestration provider Edgegap and digital infrastructure companies Colt Technology Services and CIN.

Colt’s edge computing platform and network on-demand connectivity deployed through CIN’s Street Arc built the underlaying digital infrastructure that supported the game server.

“Our work with CIN and Colt emphasises our commitment to responding to, and meeting the shifting demands of modern multiplayer games,” said said Mathieu Duperre, CEO and Founder of Edgegap.

The integration dramatically improved multiplayer gaming experiences for Londoners, eliminating lag and latency issues.

“Considering the frequent outages and performance glitches from the industry’s major players, it is obvious that the era of relying solely on expensive centralised infrastructure is coming to an end. With performance expectations of gamers continuing to rise, we firmly believe in the importance of moving to a more hybrid, distributed approach if those expectations are to be met,” added Duperre.

Traditional public cloud infrastructure is often situated far from both urban and rural populations, making it prone to introducing lag between players due to the distance.

“This hampers performance and leads to a lesser multiplayer experience for gamers. Working with Edgegap means we can continue to provide the best level of service for our customers and empower game developers and publishers to give their players the best experience possible,” said Mirko Voltolini, Vice President Innovation at Colt Technology Services.

The automation and rapid-scaling orchestration of Edgegap’s on-demand platform enabled efficient traffic management across distributed cloud network, spanning more than 550 locations worldwide.

Near-zero latency was achieved by deploying game servers, or ‘instances’, in locations closest to players. The companies also ensured 99.99% availability through edge cloud infrastructure.

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