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Wipro State of Cybersecurity Report 2023 highlights the emerging challenges for CISOs

Wed 2 Aug 2023

Wipro has released the 2023 edition of its State of Cybersecurity Report. The report presents an in-depth look at cybersecurity trends across three geographies and seven industry sectors.

The report gives security leaders valuable insights on industry trends, allowing them to benchmark their cyber journey against their peers and determine actions they need to take to achieve cyber resilience in the future.

“CISOs are facing unprecedented disruptive changes across the cybersecurity landscape. Just as the cloud adoption journey is starting to mature, the new frontier of generative AI has data flowing faster in an environment without boundaries or developed controls,” said Tony Buffomante, Senior Vice President & Global Head for Cybersecurity & Risk Services at Wipro.

Wipro’s findings summarise the current state of cybersecurity within four pillars of resilience:

  • Cyber-attacks, breaches and law
  • Enterprise cyber capabilities
  • Collaboration
  • Future of cybersecurity

“Political and economic uncertainties, coupled with the rise of sophisticated new technologies, including generative AI and machine learning, is creating a widening cyber resiliency gap within many enterprises.

“The insights and recommendations in the SOCR will help organisations identify security, risk and compliance concerns and provide a path to achieving more resilient operations that can support strategic, business-aligned objectives,” said Josey George, SOCR Editor and General Manager for Strategy and M&A at Wipro CRS.

The Wipro State of Cybersecurity Report 2023 included responses from the security leadership of 345 organisations across US, Europe and Asia Pacific Middle East and Africa regions, who responded to 30 questions around trends, governance, security practices, collaboration and best practices.

The Wipro analysis of nation-state attacks is based on 1,110+ attack data points gathered by the Council on Foreign Relations. Insights on breach notification and global data-transfer laws are based on data aggregated from multiple laws and government websites regarding regulations in 23 countries. Finally, the Wipro research team analysed more than 24,900 global patent filings across 21 countries.

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