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Vultr unveils sovereign cloud and private cloud solutions for enhanced data sovereignty

Thu 11 Apr 2024

Cloud computing platform, Vultr, has introduced Vultr Sovereign Cloud and Private Cloud to address the escalating importance of data sovereignty.

This move follows the recent launch of Vultr Cloud Inference, which provides global AI model deployment and AI inference capabilities. With these new offerings, Vultr aims to enable governments and enterprises to maintain control over their data while leveraging advanced cloud-native infrastructure.

In response to the pressing need for countries to assert control over their data and reduce dependence on a few global tech giants, Vultr is rolling out sovereign clouds on demand for national governments worldwide.

This initiative aims to provide governments, research institutions, and enterprises with locally managed cloud infrastructure, ensuring compliance with regional regulations and data sovereignty requirements.

“To address the growing need for countries to control their own data … Vultr will now deploy sovereign clouds on demand for national governments around the world,” said J.J. Kardwell, CEO of Vultr’s parent company, Constant.

Vultr said its Sovereign Cloud and Private Cloud offerings guarantee data sovereignty by storing data locally and restricting its usage to authorised purposes within national borders. These solutions also provide technological independence through a dedicated infrastructure, ensuring the isolation of data and processing power from global cloud resources.

By partnering with local telecommunications providers and adhering to strict governance standards, Vultr intends to ensure that its users have access to compliant and scalable AI innovations. Vultr stressed its commitment to providing fully compliant AI innovation at scale through ongoing collaborations with government bodies and local partners globally.

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