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Vultr and Singtel partner for AI training and inference capacity in Singapore

Thu 21 Mar 2024

Cloud computing platform, Vultr, and Singapore telecommunications company, Singtel, have announced a strategic partnership to expand its capacity of NVIDIA GPUs in Singapore and across Southeast Asia.

This partnership aims to enhance the development of artificial intelligence (AI) factories for model training and inference by utilising Vultr’s cloud GPU platform, powered by NVIDIA. 

It will integrate with Singtel’s Paragon platform to utilise Singtel’s NVIDIA H100 Tensor Core GPU capacity in Singapore for Vultr’s customer workloads.

“This partnership will help foster productivity and innovation at scale without users having to worry about procuring and managing their infrastructure of GPUs, data centres, and networks,” said Bill Chang, CEO at Singtel’s Digital InfraCo unit and Nxera regional data centre business.

Vultr is recognised for its provision of NVIDIA accelerated infrastructure for AI training and inference workloads across Singapore, India, Australia, Japan, and South Korea.

Singtel is a notable communications technology group operating in Asia Pacific and Africa. The company has expanded its digitalisation capabilities to offer AI infrastructure for businesses and governments through its proprietary Paragon platform.

This platform aims to facilitate effective training and deployment of AI models for commerce and societies. Singtel is intensifying its efforts by establishing a network of sustainable, hyper-connected, AI-ready Nxera data centres in Singapore, Indonesia, and Thailand. 

These centres have power density and liquid-cooling capabilities, specifically designed to manage large AI workloads efficiently. They employ advanced NVIDIA GPUs to ensure high efficiency and low power usage effectiveness.

“Our partnership with Singtel will provide the region with unprecedented access to NVIDIA’s most advanced GPUs in some of the most efficient data centres in the world,” said J.J. Kardwell, CEO at Vultr’s parent company, Constant.

In Q3 2024, Vultr users will gain access to deploy clusters of NVIDIA H100 GPUs in Vultr’s Singapore region, powered by Singtel.

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