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VMware unveils new developer, data, and security services for sovereign clouds

Tue 14 Nov 2023

VMware has announced new innovations and technology partnerships to help accelerate sovereign digital innovation and enhance security.

VMware’s sovereign cloud initiative is a global ecosystem of communication service providers (CSPs), including more than 50 VMware Sovereign Cloud providers in 33 countries.

VMware sovereign cloud providers must self-attest to a framework of guiding principles, best practices, and technical architecture requirements. This is to ensure the delivery of cloud services adheres to the data sovereignty requirements of the specific jurisdiction in which that cloud operates, as mandated by the relevant government or commercial body.

“We are enabling governments and highly regulated industries to embrace the limitless possibilities of the cloud while safeguarding their digital sovereignty,” said Rajeev Bhardwaj, Vice President and General Manager of Cloud Service Providers at VMware.

The Government of Monaco partnered with VMware Sovereign Cloud Provider, Monaco Cloud, to deliver the digital infrastructure and services required to meet the high international security and compliance standards. 

“Monaco stands as one of the countries with the highest level of security in the world. The Principality of Monaco aims to establish itself as a robust digital hub, just as it has been a strong financial centre, and data confidentiality and security is paramount to this,” said Jean Charles Chief Information Officer for the Government of Monaco.

Securing Sovereign Cloud Workloads

VMware sovereign clouds now support Bring Your Own Keys (BYOK) and Bring Your Own Key Management Systems (BYO-KMS), providing users with the ability to create and hold their own keys for enhanced data security.

BYOK offers flexibility, enabling adherence to key management policies, addressing legal requirements, and preventing accidental loss of keys that could compromise encrypted data.

Thales is the newest VMware ecosystem partner for KMS services. Thales enhances data security in a sovereign cloud environment through BYO-KMS with the Thales CipherTrust Data Security Platform and VMware Cloud Director.

New Sovereign Data Services

The VMware Cloud Director extension for VMware Data Solutions allows sovereign cloud customers to provide on-demand caching, messaging, and database software at a large scale to developers.

CSPs can offer an integrated solution for tenants to operate and manage data-as-a-service across private and sovereign clouds, leveraging ecosystem partners through VMware Cloud Director.

VMware is now adding NoSQL as a Service featuring MongoDB, Kafka as a Service, Greenplum as a Service, and Object Storage as a Service with NetApp StorageGRID.

4ways, a UK-based tele-diagnostics provider serving over 90 NHS Trusts that require service assurance and zero downtime, partnered with Redcentric Solution to migrate from on-premises infrastructure into Redcentric’s Sovereign cloud in two UK data centres. 

“The adoption of VMware sovereign cloud platform enables us to elevate our resilience and business continuity posture, adopt advanced cloud capabilities, and provide the quality of service our clients expect,” said Alex Sweeting, Head of IT at 4ways.

Enabling Developer-Ready Sovereign Clouds

VMware’s strategy for providing developer-ready sovereign clouds centres on a unified hybrid cloud infrastructure. VMware aims to ensure consistent experiences across diverse cloud environments with a focus on compliance, data residency, and heightened security.

VWware is expanding support with developer-ready sovereign clouds with VMware Tanzu Mission Control Self-Managed, Content Hub in VMware Cloud Director 10.5, and Integrated support for NVIDIA GPUs and NVIDIA NGC Marketplace.

heuselNET teamed with VMware sovereign cloud provider plusserver to drive the digitalisation of the last mile more securely for their customers.

“heuselNET customers need to know that their data and other business-critical systems will remain compliant with all requisite data laws in Germany. With plusserver, we have found a strong and reliable cloud service provider to deliver a VMware sovereign cloud,” said Andreas Heusel, CEO at heuselNET Business Solutions.

Tribia has been a major supplier of collaboration solutions for construction projects for more than two decades. 

“Working with Orange, we created a hybrid environment that connected a VMware sovereign Cloud with our existing public cloud, enabling customers to consume public cloud and sovereign cloud services side by side while addressing data jurisdiction and compliance requirements,” said Geir Johnson, Chief Information Officer at Tribia.

TriOpSys specialises in consulting, development and system management of Mission Critical IT systems, for critical and highly sensitive environments. TriOpSys works extensively with the Dutch Government. 

“The Fundaments Sovereign Cloud built on VMware is mission critical, and we can provide customers confidence in where the data is, who will have access to it, who manages it, and who owns the cloud platform because we comply with Dutch legislation, a requirement of many of our customers,” said Rob Timman, Co-Founder, Owner, and CEO at TriOpSy.

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