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VMware and Intel forge alliance to advance private AI adoption

Thu 9 Nov 2023

VMware has announced a collaboration with Intel to bolster the adoption of artificial intelligence (AI) across data centres, public clouds, and edge environments.

This initiative aims to simplify the deployment of AI models by integrating VMware Cloud Foundation with Intel’s AI software suite, leveraging Intel Xeon processors with AI accelerators and Intel Max Series GPUs.

This collaboration builds on a legacy of more than two decades of innovation between the companies.

Chris Wolf, Vice President of VMware AI Labs, said: “When it comes to AI, there is no longer any reason to debate trade-offs in choice, privacy, and control. Private AI empowers customers with all three, enabling them to accelerate AI adoption while future-proofing their AI infrastructure.”

The venture seeks to democratise AI by enabling organisations to utilise existing infrastructure for AI model building and deployment. This synergy is expected to enhance data science accessibility and promote the concept of private AI, which balances AI’s business advantages with compliance and privacy considerations.

Sandra Rivera, Executive Vice President and General Manager of the Data Centre and AI Group at Intel, said: “For decades, Intel and VMware have delivered next-generation data centre-to-cloud capabilities that enable customers to move faster, innovate more, and operate efficiently. With the potential of AI to unlock powerful new possibilities and improve the life of every person on the planet, Intel and VMware are well equipped to lead enterprises into this new era, powered by silicon and software.”

The collaboration is expected to enhance AI performance and provide a more secure infrastructure with a lower total cost of ownership (TCO). It will facilitate the fine-tuning of AI models using private data, optimising tasks from AI-assisted code generation to customer service recommendations.

Looking ahead, VMware and Intel are developing a reference architecture that merges Intel’s AI suite with VMware Cloud Foundation. This will allow customers to deploy private AI models cost-effectively while addressing sustainability concerns.

The architecture will feature the latest Intel Xeon processors and data centre GPUs, and it will be supported by servers from leading technology providers such as Dell Technologies, Hewlett Packard Enterprise, and Lenovo.

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