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University of Gloucestershire expands cyber facilities with CyNam, Hub8, and Plexal

Thu 14 Mar 2024

The University of Gloucestershire has enhanced its cyber facilities and established new connections in the field.

This is highlighted by its upcoming developments in Cheltenham and a new collaboration with CyNam.

New Cyber Facilities and Strategic Partnerships

A £5.8 million ($7.4 million) grant from the Office for Students (OfS) is funding the development of cutting-edge cyber and computing facilities at Park Campus. This initiative is in collaboration with CyNam, Hub8, and Plexal.

Scheduled for delivery in the 2024-25 academic year, these facilities aim to simulate real-life experiences for students, fostering connections with the industry and business community. The University intends for its graduates to possess the skills and knowledge necessary to advance the sector both regionally and nationally.

The upcoming facilities include a Cyber Control Centre, a Virtual Reality facility, a digital lounge, and enhanced teaching and learning spaces designed for business collaboration. They will feature state-of-the-art technology, such as photogrammetry equipment and Internet of Things kits.

DP Designs has been tasked with realising the University’s vision for these facilities.

Professor Jackie Labbe, Deputy Vice-Chancellor and Provost at the University of Gloucestershire, said: “Together, these developments will strengthen our community, digital and employer connections, open the door to new research and development and see us play a leading role with our partners in addressing the skills gap in cyber and emerging tech in the county and beyond.”

Fostering Innovation and Addressing Skills Gaps

The strategic partnership with CyNam, a Cheltenham-based not-for-profit organisation, aims to drive growth in Gloucestershire’s cyber and technology ecosystem.

Supported by UK Regional Innovation Fund financing, this collaboration seeks to foster innovation, bridge the skills gap in cyber, critical technologies like artificial intelligence, and future technologies.

The collaboration also looks to strengthen community ties.This partnership will facilitate a range of community-building events aimed at academia, the public sector, and the cyber tech industry.

One such event, the EmPowerCyber event, aims to engage 1,000 Year 8 schoolgirls from across the region, encouraging them to explore careers in cybersecurity, thereby addressing the UK’s digital skills gap and promoting female representation in the cyber workforce.

Chris Dunning-Walton, Director of CyNam, said: “We will be able to supercharge networking, collaboration, and innovation in Gloucestershire’s cyber and tech community to drive growth and prosperity for the region.”

Gareth Nelson, Senior Lecturer in Computer Science at the University, will also play a dual role with CyNam to facilitate the development of this partnership and its objectives.

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