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Uniti announces long-haul dark fiber agreement with global Internet provider

Thu 27 Jul 2023

Uniti Group has announced it has signed a long-term contract with a prominent global internet provider, offering long-haul dark fiber connectivity across two key US routes that connects 12 cities across the Midwest and the Southeast, and encompasses over 7,000 fiber strand miles.

The Midwest path spans from Indianapolis, IN to Chicago, IL, then east to Ashburn, VA, with drops in Toledo, OH, Cleveland, OH, and Pittsburgh, PA, forming a crucial backbone connecting major metropolitan areas in the region.

This route also features a critical segment from Toledo, OH to Detroit, MI. The Southeast route establishes a seamless network corridor from New Orleans, LA to Mobile, AL, then up to Montgomery, AL. Each of these fiber routes bolsters the network infrastructure, improves diversity and enables advanced network capabilities for our customer.

In addition, Uniti will add a new presence in a data centre located in Detroit, MI, and establish a new Point of Presence (POP) in Cleveland, OH, creating enhanced connectivity solutions for its customers.

Uniti will also build five new In-Line Amplifier (ILA) shelters, allowing customers to lease space and power to regenerate their optical signal, ensuring the highest levels of network performance.

“This latest dark fiber deal marks a significant milestone in our partnership with this valued customer and reinforces our shared commitment to delivering top-tier connectivity services,” said Greg Ortyl, President of Wholesale and Strategic Accounts at Uniti.

With a total contract value of approximately $35 million, this agreement underscores Uniti’s commitment to delivering high-quality, scalable and secure networking solutions, while driving long-term recurring revenue over its national fiber network of 137,000 route miles.

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