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Two-thirds of organisations could not survive a day without critical IT systems

Fri 19 Jan 2024

Recent research from Databarracks has shown a marked increase in organisational reliance on IT systems in 2023. The study found that 68% of organisations could not survive more than a day without their IT systems, a significant rise from 46% in 2017.

This trend highlights the growing dependency on technology across various sectors.

James Watts, Managing Director at Databarracks, said: “Organisations are finding themselves in an increasingly difficult position. On one hand, the risk of IT downtime is significantly increasing due to cyber causes. On the other hand, digital transformation efforts have led to a greater dependence on technology.”

Strategies for Enhancing IT Resilience

Watts discussed strategies for businesses to increase their resilience against IT disruptions. He suggests starting by addressing cyber threats with robust defences and response capabilities.

As the potential impact of an outage grows, the importance of early reaction and response becomes more critical.

Watts also recommends improving recovery methods to meet the reduced Recovery Time Objective demanded by organisations. He highlights the importance of assessing manual workarounds in Disaster Recovery (DR) plans, especially as automated processes have largely replaced manual tasks. These manual methods, albeit less efficient, can keep businesses operational at a basic level during system failures or attacks.

“In Business Continuity, we talk about the Maximum Tolerable Period of Disruption. This is the period after which the viability of the organisation would be threatened,” said Watts.

He advises organisations to determine their Maximum Tolerable Period of Disruption as a central figure in Business Continuity planning, which will dictate the required Recovery Time Objective for Disaster Recovery systems. Regular testing is vital to ensure teams are prepared for recovery processes.

Concluding his advice, Watts said: “Determine your MTPD – and make it a hard line. Once you allow wiggle room, you will miss your recovery objectives.”

This approach can help organisations set effective boundaries to safeguard against IT system failures.

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