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Twilio Segment to host exclusive Roundtable on revolutionising customer relationships with AI at Tech Show London 2024

Wed 24 Jan 2024

Twilio Segment is set to host a Roundtable discussion during the Tech Show London 2024 at ExCeL London. The discussion is scheduled for March 6-7 in the North Gallery Suites of ExCeL London.

The Roundtable promises an engaging experience with a fully catered lunch and drinks.

It will feature a select group of invited VIP guests, including heads of data and key decision-makers, as well as two representatives from the Twilio Segment Team and an industry expert as the moderator.

The focus for this Roundtable is ‘Creating Next-Level Customer Relationships: How to Leverage Data-Driven Engagement Strategies in the Era of Personalisation’, a pertinent theme in the Big Data & AI industry sector.

Exploring Key Topics in AI and Customer Engagement

The Roundtable will delve into several critical topics central to enhancing customer experiences through AI:

  • Training and Fine-Tuning AI Models: Discussions will revolve around the importance of high-quality data versus large quantities of data for AI models, specifically in training and fine-tuning Large Language Models (LLMs). Participants will explore strategies for ensuring data quality and how businesses can adapt their data management methods as LLMs evolve.
  • Real-Time Data in Customer Experience: The role of real-time data in shaping customer interactions will be a key focus. The Roundtable will address how businesses can utilise real-time data for more personalised customer experiences and the associated challenges and opportunities.
  • Future of AI-Driven Customer Engagement: The final segment will look towards the future, discussing AI’s transformative role in business-customer interactions and the evolving landscape of customer experiences with AI and predictive analytics. The implications of regulatory frameworks like the EU AI Act on data gathering and processing for LLMs will also be examined.

The Twilio Segment Roundtable at Tech Show London 2024 offers an exceptional opportunity for industry professionals to discuss and share insights on leveraging AI for advanced, personalised customer engagement strategies.

To get involved or nominate a VIP, contact Emma Cowell at [email protected].

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