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The benefits of UrbanCode Velocity from IBM DevOps

Press Release by IBM (UK) Tue 12 Apr 2022

UrbanCode velocity uses AI and data analytics to improve software delivery speed and quality, acting as a control centre for an application development team. Today’s topic is the Value Stream Management capability in IBM UrbanCode Velocity.


UrbanCode Velocity is a DevOps Day-2 tool

UrbanCode Velocity is a DevOps Day-2 tool, meaning it is appropriate to use after the Day-1 automation process is in place. Day-1 automation consists of the tools and processes that were implemented by most organisations to help with Agile development, a movement that started in the early 2000’s, has seen many revisions. It has been adopted by most software development teams working today. Alongside the Agile movement, DevOps was grown to address rising infrastructure and operations needs. This was largely due to the speed with which Agile teams were coding.

Velocity, as a DevOps Day-2 tool, pulls data from the existing automation to generate insights that point to ways for optimising the software delivery. Velocity also provides management and governance over the release process.


Back to the Value Stream

The insights part of what Velocity provides is called Value Stream Management (VSM).  A useful analogy is to imagine that VSM is like a drone flying over a manufacturing floor where multiple teams are working on various parts of a product that ultimately gets assembled and pushed out. Like a car or a computer, or a piece of furniture. Only the drone has a bird’s eye perspective to ingest a lot of visual information that could lead to improvements in speed and quality. The drone can see where work piles up due to inefficient handoffs, too few workers or a problem with the workflow. The drone might also identify efficient and effective workflows that should be shared with other teams on the floor. The data transmitted by a drone would be high-level, with few details.

A smooth-running factory floor will make products faster and better – depending on the right quality checks. Likewise, a smooth-running software delivery process will have the same benefits: faster, better products. But that’s not all. A smooth-running system has the extra benefit of making life better for workers. In an economy where employee satisfaction is a major concern for most organisations, especially for skilled software developers, a predictable, reliable, smooth running software delivery process will go a long way to ensure employee retention.

The VSM capability in UrbanCode Velocity ingests data from various software development tools in the software delivery pipeline to provide insights into where the delivery process is experiencing bottlenecks,  which code changes are behind schedule, and which teams and devs are overloaded. Armed with this information, a self-organizing app-dev team can rebalance, make adjustments and refine handoffs to optimise through-put and maintain a happy team.



The data Velocity uses to provide reports, visualisations and alerts comes from the software delivery work itself. Velocity pulls data from the collaboration, development, build, delivery, test and deployment tools that make up the software delivery toolchain.  The “fly over” Velocity does for the software delivery process provides much more granular data than a drone could. As you will see in the video below…

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